Her Madgesty and Guy : out for dinner in yucky get up

With all the divorce rumours surrounding Her Madgesty and the butler Guy Ritchie at the moment it's difficult to keep up. So we've stopped trying. (Charting people's misery is mean anyway and we always thought they made a nice couple).

Anyhoo, they were spotted out to dinner the other night, hand in hand and looking the picture of marital bliss.... but that wasn't what got the radar bleeping. It was the yucky orange, supermarket shopping style bag Guy was carrying with him. It looked like he'd just popped out of Sainsburys with one of their autumnal coloured, reusable granny bags!

Did Guy make Madge blush by taking along a bagful of organic vegetables for the nice Italian chef to cook? Or was he carrying his dirty undies because he'd forgotten to pack enough pairs for his holiday in NY? Nope. Turns out he was just lugging it for Madge while she adjusted her bloomers. That's right, the Queen of Pop complemented the orange placky bag with shiny, loose fitting bloomers over black cut off at the knee tights and a chintzy black top. If anything's going to divert attention from those divorce rumours, it's that get up!

Take a look at photos of Madge and Guy out for dinner in the offending garb.

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