Hello to bad rubbish!

Love or loathe Big Brother, it was the biggest event telly show of the noughties. When it started, it was a genuinely interesting social experiment but eventually turned into a nothing event with nothing people doing er, nothing. After 10 years on Channel 4 the broadcaster decided to call it a day and move on, but now it looks like its set for a UK comeback.

According to Broadcast magazine, Channel 5 are at an ‘advanced stage’ to bring the reality TV show to their schedules. Channel 5’s new owner Richard Desmond is the man determined to re-brand the network and wants to start with poaching Big Brother. Talks with Endemol (who own the format) stalled last year due to its £70m price tag for merely renting the format...KERCHING!

If Desmond does manage to resurrect Big Brother the popular celebrity edition of the show is expected to make a comeback as well as the usual pleb-rity edition. An announcement is due to be made in the coming weeks.

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