Helen Mirren fancies Russell Brand too

Helen Mirren has shown she can still play the field like a pro even as the twilight years approach.

The Queen (who Russell Brand recently admitted to having the raging horn for) has reciprocated. In a sharp 'you fancy me do you, yeh well I fancy you too' piece of footwork, Mirren has let it be known that she wouldn't kick Brand out of bed for a fart either.

"I heard he fancies me. I fancy Russell too. I mean, who can resist a man that looks so good in tight trousers? He's absolutely lovely" she told The Mirror.

Dame Helen also flirted with Sol Campbell and Simon from Blue at The Inspiration Awards (where she picked up Most Stylish Woman gong) before hinting she has yet another 'young man in the offing' who she reckons fancies her too.

Do we know who? Absolutely no idea. Do we care? Nooo. What's fascinating is Helen's ability to have men (young and old) falling over themselves to be noticed by her, making themselves look a bit silly in the process and her look, well, ethereal. She's the most alluring and interesting member of the Silver Haired Mafia yet, and proof of the pudding that the sixties don't have to be all about flat Scholls and retirement homes. They can be about toy boys and fun stuff too. In fact we're quite looking forward to it......

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