Helen Flanagan's car-crash life heads for reality TV

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Britain's favourite ditzy airhead could soon have her own reality show. Helen Flanagan, Britain's answer to the Kardashians only without their searing intellectual acuity, is in negotiations with ITV for her own factual series. Flanagan, maintaining her capacity for saying the dumbest thing imaginable, has reportedly said that she wants to be "the next Kerry Katona".

Former soap star Flanagan grabbed plenty of attention with he squealing, bikini-clad antics in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Her contributions to Twitter have ranged from the inane to the vaguely offensive and it's apparent that she has the same degree of fascinating idiocy as the stars of hit reality shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea. She also had the dubious accolade of being voted the UK's Sexiest Woman in lads' mag FHM.

Her on-off relationship with footballer Scott Sinclair and her willingness to show up in a series of low-cut tops at every celeb party makes her ideal fodder for a reality show. "She’s excited — she can’t believe she’s being offered her own show," a friend told Yahoo News. "She’s perfect for ITV2". That is a classic example of damning with faint praise, suggesting Flanagan falls firmly into the "trashy celebrity" category.

Her gaffes do seem to have endeared her to a certain section of the public though. The Sun has already instigated the Helen Flanagan Dumbometer, gauging how the Flanagan brain is operating on any given day, with categories including "dizzy blonde", "bit of a dipstick", "daft as a brush" and "thicker than mince".

"Her life’s a car crash and the British public love to watch it," the indiscreet "friend" continued. "Since she appeared on I’m A Celeb, love her or hate her, she’s fascinating to watch. She’s being viewed as the next big thing for the network. She is taking over where Katie and Kerry left off.”

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