Helen Flanagan, the squealing queen of the jungle

For several years on Coronation Street, Helen Flanagan played Rosie Webster. Rosie was a delicious parody of the narcissistic airhead, desperate to bag a footballer boyfriend, with little between her ears except obsessive passion for handbags, shoes and makeup.

It turned out that, in creating this ridiculous character, the soap had ventured into social realism. When Flanagan left the show, she effortlessly maintained the Rosie persona, bagging Premier League footballer Scott Sinclair and keeping us all entertained with her vacuous Twitter witterings.

In I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here though, the Flanagan brand has gone viral. The audience has been both appalled and enthralled at her girly tantrums when faced by the bushtucker challenges, by her daily idiocies and, let’s face it, by her propensity for showering in skimpy bikinis.

After failing abjectly in her first five trials, Flanagan sailed through the sixth and collected all the stars needed to secure food for fellow celebs. The sudden change provoked suspicions that Flanagan had been faking her hopelessness all along and had decided to change tactics.

Presenter Ant told This Morning that he didn’t believe that theory. There had been frustration when Flanagan refused to even attempt some of the trials, but he thought her change of attitude was genuine. "From what we've seen, I think she realised that the camp was so hungry that she had to buck her ideas up," he said. Co-presenter Dec added that Flanagan’s ordeals might now be over. "The camp have to choose themselves now who does the bushtucker trials so I don't think we'll be seeing Helen down at the trial area anymore," he said.

Which will leave her to concentrate on doing what she does best, lying around in minimal swimwear. Meanwhile the producers are attempting to fend off criticism after camp member Brian Conley’s collapse forced him to leave the show.

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