Heidi Range's masterplan

Yesterday’s news that Keisha Buchanan had been unceremoniously dumped from the Sugababes after her clashes with Amelle Berrabah rocked the very foundations of the world we live in. But today there has been even more shocking news: mild-mannered and shy looking scouser Heidi Range got the knives out and plunged them deep into Keisha’s back. Ooh, you bitch!

The apparent motive was Keisha’s somewhat feisty personality, which allegedly gets right up people’s noses, and Range was convinced – according to The Sun – that to tackle the US (where they have recently signed Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label) they’d need a less combative and stroppy character. So she and Amelle asked Eurovision warbler Jade Ewing to join them.

‘Keisha clashed with Amelle since she joined,’ said some source or other. ‘Heidi did not want to be in a position where a big bust-up might arise while they're promoting their material Stateside. So she persuaded management a less headstrong character would be better suited to the group.’

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