'He'd have to get robbed. At best'

Chris Martin and Jay-Z are bezzie mates, with Chris attending his pal's secret wedding to Beyonce in 2008. However, Jay-Z has confessed that had the pair crossed paths years ago, when the rapper was dealing drugs in New York, and Chris was studying Latin at prep school, things could have been a little different...

According to The Mirror, Jay-Z admitted poor Chris would have been a prime target back in the day, 'That's a different scenario. He couldn't walk through Marcy. I was a different person then. I wasn't open to the world and to cultures. I would have been, 'Yo! Who are you? Give me your money.' You couldn't have a guy like Chris walking through Marcy. He'd have to get robbed. At best.'

Jay-z also gushed about Matt Bellamy from Muse, currently dating Kate Hudson, saying, 'That man is a superstar. I told him he was awesome. All the good s*** comes from Devon. Isn't that where Coldplay are from?'

That man knows his shires...

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