Heather to make more money

Not long out of the courtroom and the water-chucking divorcee Heather Mills already has plans to add to her newly received millions.

She’s been offered a job judging the Miss USA beauty pageant. Heather has made no secret of her desire to move to the US – away from the prying eye of the paparazzi, apparently. Appearing in hit American TV contest Dancing With The Stars, Miss Mills first got her taste for the American culture – and hamburgers…maybe.

She’ll appear on the show on April 11th alongside judges Donny and Marie Osmond, who will judge the contestants on their beauty, talent and intelligence. Although if Miss Teen USA is anything to go by less of the latter…

It should perhaps also be noted that the founder of the Miss USA franchise is none other than Donald Trump, who just happens to be a BILLIONAIRE and serial monogamist. Could Heather be hatching another cunning, money-making plan?

(Image: from TraceyO’s flickr stream)

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