Heather Mills to pen 'fictional book' about life with Macca

When would be novelists start to write a book, one word of advice they're usually given is to write about what they know. Well Heather Mills has taken that right to heart. The wily goldigger is planning to cash in some more on the divorce of the century by writing a book about her marriage to Paul McCartney.

Although Mucca is calling the book a 'work of fiction' she has chosen an array of thinly veiled characters to stand in for the real stars of the story - namely her, Macca and his three kids. The plot centres around a model who marries a recently bereaved rock star. The rock star's three children reject her and eventually the pressure of living in the public eye, as well as the rock star's wicked inner circle of friends, family and lawyers, causes the marriage to crumble.

While the rock star is a "deeply flawed character whose mind has been warped by years of being treated like a god," the model is a rags to riches, Cindarella style character who in her spare time also finds time to campaign for human rights.

In using a work of fiction to flog the dead donkey that was her marriage to Macca, Mills will be able to sidestep a gagging order which has forbidden her to talk about the divorce. Not the best press in a week where she's also been accused of hoarding her divorce winnings and not helping poor people with it like she said she would. Oh and she's hawking around for a £1 million advance from publishers. Nail. Coffin.

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