Heather Mills: save the planet - drink rats milk

Lying low, and Heather Mills have never made for the easiest bedfellows. Bored of being out the press Mucca has popped herself back in the limelight by way of a new book "Get Healthy with Heather" in which Mucca extols the virtues of living a healthy, vegan lifestyle.

In the book Heather gives a whole host of obvious pointers on healthy living including 'relaxing', 'ironing out every day stresses and strains,' and not being miserable when the weather is bad. So far so obvious. But then she tells readers that they ought to switch to drinking rats milk, and things start to get a bit more surreal.

Mucca thinks that saving the planet should start with people developing a taste for rat and /or dog milk because it would be so much 'greener' in terms of carbon consumption. (Although how carbon wouldn't be used in the extraction of dog and rat milk isn't explained.)

A simple premise - but one that turns our stomachs nonetheless. Yes normal milk comes from a beast (just like rat and dog) but the thought of it coming from a big cuddly cow is so much more appetising than it being uddered from a sewer rat.

Would Mucca happily splash rodent milk over her vegan cornflakes every morning - what do you think? Watch Heather walking out of an interview about global warming.

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