Heather Mills jokes about saving the Earth

‘You haven’t got a leg to stand on!’ says Heather Mills in a new campaign to save the environment.

Ex-Lady Mac has hitched her bandwagon to yet another good cause. Fair enough if she’s really behind it.

But let’s not forget, Heather shouted and cried on live TV recently, telling us this kind of taunting upsets members of her amputee charity.

Of course, Heather can be self-deprecating – that’s every individual’s right. But won’t this just give unscrupulous journos – already out to get her with scalpel-sharp pencils –more cheap fodder with which to bait her all the more? The same hacks, by the way, who should be ashamed of themselves. Not for making a joke about someone with one leg – once. That’s their prerogative. No, they should be ashamed of using the same turgid material – tired, not-very-funny-in-the-first-place, playground humour used solely to pep up non-stories in their dreadful rags.

We deserve better, don’t we?

(Image: from John Lemon’s flickr stream)

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