Heath set for movie martyrdom

Help is at hand for Heath Ledger's last film - The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Hollywood heavyweights, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp have stepped in to help finish the Terry Gilliam flick - ensuring Ledger gets the send off he deserves. And not the digitally remastered job Hollywood's been threatening for the past few weeks.

Law, Depp and Farrell will each play Heath's former role - a character known only as 'Tony'. And since it's a fantasy film involving different time dimensions, apparently this won't be too weird. (Although keeping up with the multi-Bobbed 'I'm Not There' was no easy feat.)

So after a few nervy weeks of 'maybe it will / maybe it won't' - the rumours were confirmed by Law's spokesperson on Monday. Which means a mouthwatering eye feast for the ladies, and a tour de force of acting for the rest of us. We're already guessing how many  Oscar nominations it will notch up.

With Terry Giliam at the wheel and Heath doing what he always did best, it can't fail to be the most spectacular box office hit for a very long time. Johnny, Colin and Jude are the perfect tribute to the passing of another of Hollywood’s fine actors. RIP Heath.

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