Heads will roll

Hell hath no fury like a pop star scorned, and when someone messes up, you know heads are going to roll. So spare a thought for the poor saps who have to manage Rihanna’s worldwide schedule: they forgot to get their ‘talent’ over to her best friend’s wedding, and it looks like they’re going to pay with their jobs.

Rihanna said that she was going to switch management after learning that she had missed Katy Perry’s wedding to Russell Brand, although given that she was in India and there was no phone or internet connection, it’s hard to see what they could have done.

‘I will never ever forgive myself for that, it was a crazy time, it was a crazy week,’ said the voluptuous singer. ‘I'm switching management.

‘There was no phone service in India and very little-to-no internet service, so it would have been a little irresponsible of me. I'm sad that I missed it.’

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