He tried to make me go to rehab

Amy Winehouse is set to face her toughest challenge yet: trying to stay off the booze long enough so her new fella doesn’t send her packing down to Dumpsville (Population: you). It’s a tough one, but we’re sure her millions of pounds and an almost permanent bed at The London Clinic will see her through this latest crisis of substance abuse.

According to The Sun, Wino’s new man, film director Reg Traviss, has made it clear that he is not very happy about her constant boozing (nor her falling into paparazzi cameras and dribbling over strangers), and has apparently warned her to get her act together if she wants him to stay with her. Which strikes one as being a bit harsh – surely he knew what she was like before they got together?

‘When she's not on the bottle they get on brilliantly,’ said a source, who is apparently close to the couple. ‘But Reg has told her to quit the booze, otherwise he'll be off, and she hit it hard last week. She wants to keep him so has decided to make a huge effort to stay sober.’

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