'He has let you down again'

We're sure Cheryl Cole will be feeling tremendously happy and grateful today, after one of Ashley's mistresses penned an 'open letter' through a tabloid magazine, telling Cheryl exactly what a love rat her ex husband has been behind the singer's back.

According to The Daily Mail, Kerry, an air-hostess who has had liasons with Ashley since 2005 wrote, 'He's calculating and knows what he is doing. While he was trying to win you back, he was with me - and that is just wrong.' Kerry also apologised to Cole that she ‘had to learn this way that Ashley isn’t the changed man you thought he was.’

Cheryl has apparently cut off contact with the footballer after an attempt last month to patch up their marriage was derailed by more allegations of infidelity. Where's Derek Hough when you need him?

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