He didn't cross the line

Last week we reported on Chris Moyles' half-hour long rant at the BBC, and revealed that they hadn’t paid him for two months. We were expecting that Radio 1 would come down on him like a tonne of bricks, but instead channel controller Andy Parfitt has backed his breakfast radio star, saying that Moyles had ‘not crossed the line’.

Despite admitting that ‘It wasn't the best Chris Moyles programme I've heard’, Parfitt accepted that it was part of the show for him to ‘go off on one’ and that he is making sure that he was being properly paid.

‘He is a very gifted broadcaster,’ said Parfitt. ‘Occasionally, and it is only occasionally, he steps over a line that I have.

‘And when he does that I'm absolutely there to make it absolutely clear to him where those lines are. It's kind of part of the nature of what he does, living his life in one sense out on air. He's almost bound to push at those barriers on occasion.

‘You have to have broad shoulders and not take things too seriously and it won't be the first or the last time that a BBC presenter talks about the BBC so my feelings were, I kind of made a judgment, did it overstep a line that I have for Chris? And I judged that it didn't.’

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