He calls me 'Chinky'

The world has only just come to terms with the shocking news that KT Tunstall disowned her stepdad after she found out that he was standing for the BNP in the upcoming general election, but the drama hasn’t stopped there. KT’s mum Carol Ann Orr has defended her racist husband David, despite the fact he calls her a ‘Chinky’, and who doesn’t think black people should be let in to take our jobs.

‘Davy says to me, ‘You are what you are - you are a Chinky’, she said to The Sun. ‘They call him a racist but it's not that he hates blacks. His beliefs are that they shouldn't be letting all these black people in while there's people in this country need the jobs. He just doesn't go round it a great way. He's not very diplomatic.

‘He's not got a problem with my ethnic background because he knows I didn't come in on a boat or by the back door. I'm legit. I sometimes say to him, ‘Enough!’ If we are watching a programme on telly he'll say, ‘Look, there's another black person - that's three of them and one white.’ I'll say to him, ‘Och wheesht’.’ What?

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