Hazza and Chezza back togezza

Those of you who prefer your Royals with a cheeky glint, a hint of ginger, and a bottle of WKD will be pleased to hear that Prince Harry has returned to his South African amour Chelsy Davy. Apparently, the romance of the royal wedding was too much for the partying pair, and they vowed eternal fidelity while drinking some sort of Mahiki inspired cocktail and dancing to the theme from Grease (we imagine).

A source told The Mirror, 'Harry may act like a joker, but he’s serious about Chelsy. Seeing William settle down has had a big impact on him and made him think more about his own future. He realises the bond he has with her is too good to just throw away.'

And according to eagle-eyed royal watchers, at the wedding reception Harry turned to Chelsy and whispered 'you're next'. Ooh, another royal shindig - boys, you're really spoiling us...

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