Having a Heil old time

Dim-witted socialite Paris Hilton has been pictured 'doing a Holly' on her yacht moored off the French Riviera - that is, posing as the Nazi leader, complete with finger moustache. Though to be fair to our Paris, it was a complete mistake, and she later claimed she made the salute in an attempt to mimic Superman.

A spokesman for Paris denied the claims saying, 'This is totally false. The photos are misrepresented. Paris did not make a reference to Hitler. Much of her family is Jewish as are the majority of her friends and she is very upset and offended at the allegations.

'She was wearing a captains hat given to her in a club, it was not military — and that the photos show her with her arm up, she was dancing with both her arms up, scratched her face with one of her hands. That provided the basis for photographers to make these erroneous claims.'

Ah, the old 'naval' not 'military' hat defence. Works every time...

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