Have I Got Howard Hughes For You

He’s the biggest, best, most innovative director in Hollywood, some would say (us) so when Christopher Nolan announces a new film project it’s worth digesting.

Nolan is about to start helming the camera for the 3rd installment of the Batman movies ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and now we know what is likely to be his next project. Even before he took charge of Batman more than 6 years ago, he’s been open about his desire to do a biopic on aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. A little annoyingly for him though Martin Scorsese beat him to it with the Leo DiCaprio vehicle The Aviator, but it now looks like it’s back on.

Based on Michael Drosnin's non-fiction book Citizen Hughes: The Power, The Money And The Madness it’s rumoured none other than jelly face Jim Carrey will play the lead, and focus more on his later life rather than the early days in The Aviator.

Just an idea...get Leo to reprise his role?

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