Has Angelina kicked Brad out?

Angelina Jolie is alleged to have kicked hubby Brad Pitt out of their Los Angeles home after rumours that the Fight Club star has renewed his friendship with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Truth merchants Now magazine claim that Pitt has turned to Aniston after his marriage to Jolie hit a rough patch and that the star of Changeling is spitting teeth.

"Angie went mad and told Brad not to bother coming back," an unnamed 'friend' told Now. "She told him he'd humiliated her for the last time and that if he wanted to go back to his boring shallow life with Jen, that was fine by her."

Jolie is alleged to have packed Pitt's bags and booked him into a nearby hotel after the Benjamin Button actor was spotted with Aniston and former Friends star Courteney Cox at a Chris Cornell concert in LA.

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