Harvey, Javine and their 'little Angel'

Whats the first thing any self respecting c-lister should do when they pop out a rug rat? Get it straight in Hello Magazine thats what.

If you're not going to show the bibby and your swanky pad off in a stylish, aspirational rag like Hello. Then. Tell us, What actually is the point of giving birth? So Harvey and Javine have barely got their brand new baby girl Angel home and already the snappers have been let loose.

Harvey's still reeling in shock from the Javine's top notch birthing performance. The hardy lass pumped all 9lbs of 'little Angel' out without even needing a single stitch. The miracle of the female form eh Harv? "Javine does not realise how amazing she was, producing a 9lb baby without needed even a stitch afterwards" gushed MC Harvey. "The midwife says she should make a DVD showing women how to have babies"

Because women in the real world don't really know how.

Aaanyway, who are we to begrudge them their five minutes. We'll just be happy when lovely Alesha Dixon gets her happy ending..... And we're keeping all our fingers and toes crossed it could be soon - if Villa player John Carew keeps up his stellar dating performance that is.....

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