Harry Hill hits the road

Harry Hill, the only redeeming feature of ITV’s abysmal comedy output in recent years, is considering his next move after calling an end to his award-winning TV Burp series. He has indicated that he wants to make a road movie.

His idea takes its inspiration from the film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. "It’s partly a road trip, with a sick hamster and some badgers involved," he explained, "plus some songs and guest appearances — the kind of thing I always do, but a bit longer and wider."

He is keen to explore new possibilities after nine years of TV Burp, but wants the new project to be as strong. "Following TV Burp is a bit like following Dark Side of the Moon," he said. "It’s got to be really, really good."

Hill made Saturday evenings on ITV his own, adding his surreal commentary to the You’ve Been Framed clip show before his own bizarre send-up of British television in TV Burp.

After so many series though, it was apparent that TV Burp was beginning to run out of targets. "You got this new, knowing breed of shows, like The Only Way Is Essex, where the jokes were already built in, and there was no leverage for us," Hill said. "Even Coronation Street became jokier."

The willingness of stars to go along with the joke and guest on the show was also making its parodies a little softer and less effective. "We’d kind of exhausted it," he admits. "I think, in the end, we just about avoided it going a bit s***."

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