Happy 'enders

The Eastenders cot death and subsequent baby swap scenes were the most controversial in living memory, with charities up in arms, and poor Samantha Womack (Ronnie) being abused on the streets by idiotic people who don't know the difference betwee fiction and reality. Well, after all the turmoil, we can breathe a sigh of relief, as Kat and Alfie are set to be reunited with their baby.

A well-placed source told The Daily Mail, 'It’s as though Ronnie wakes up from a bad dream. Something inside her switches back on and she realises the ­ extent of her actions. As soon as that happens she knows she must confess all about what she’s done and hand back Kat’s baby.'

While an Ender's spokesman said, 'We do not comment on ­future storylines but we have always said ­Ronnie will do the right thing and Tommy will be ­reunited with Kat.'

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