Hands off Alexandra Burke’s bad boys

Alexandra Burke has revealed that she isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, on the orders of pop-tart Cheryl Cole.

The current X-Factor champ, who is No.1 in the UK singles chart with ‘Bad Boys’ told The Sun that she wants to get jiggy with a man but isn’t allowed: "Cheryl has warned me. She said: 'You're not allowed to date dancers, Alex, and you're not allowed to date boys full stop!'"And I said, 'Fine, I'll just get a dog!' We are really good friends. I love all the JLS boys, but me and Aston are really, really close. We're just really cool friends."

Alexandra Burke and Cheryl Cole have both showcased their new singles with storming *cough* live *cough* appearances on The X-Factor.

Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir is yet to comment.

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