Halliwell Horror

The celebrity wheel of fortune has come full circle for poor Geri Halliwell. Back in the day, it was Geri who gave little Cheryl Tweedy her shot at fame, in 'Popstars: The Rivals'. Alas for Halliwell, that wasn't enough to save her from booing and jeering during her stint yesterday as an X Factor judge.

According to The Mirror, Geri bounded on to the stage at the start of the auditions and announced confusingly,'I am really excited, I feel like I am in a new band, we should be Steps or Abba.' Halliwell then attempted the classic 'suck up to the most popular judge', clinging to Cheryl Cole, gushing, 'And what about this gorgeous, gorgeous girl?'

Desperate Spice also managed to alienate the audience by sending home the popular singers - who had been awarded votes by Simon - and making nonsensical comments to those who had been voting out, such as 'You’re not great at singing but you could make a fitness video.’

But the horror of Halliwell means only one thing - brilliantly cringeworthy car-crash telly. Thanks Geri!

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