Halle Berry's ex in Thanksgiving brawl

Moving on after a relationship is over is always a tricky business. It is that much trickier when your ex happens to be Halle Berry and she’s got a new fiancé. Canadian model Gabriel Aubry’s latest encounter with Berry and actor Olivier Martinez ended in the emergency room and an LA jail cell.

Since splitting in 2010, Berry and Aubry have been involved in a bitter court battle over daughter Nahla. Berry, anxious about the dangers of paparazzi intrusion, wanted to move to France, but Aubry succeeded in obtaining a court order preventing Berry and Nahla from relocation. Aubry had pointed out that the most notorious death caused by paparazzi pursuit had occurred in Paris.

Matters came to a head over Thanksgiving when Aubry, returning Nahla to Berry’s house after a custodial visit, encountered Martinez. Martinez told Aubry that they needed to move on, advice that is always better received from a friend rather than the ex’s new boyfriend. Aubry’s response was reportedly to throw a punch.

Showbiz site TMZ appears to have had a ringside seat for the ensuing brawl, in which both men landed a few blows. Unfortunately their source didn’t understand French swear words so wasn’t able to recount the conversation between the two. Reports suggested that Aubry suffered a broken rib, facial contusions and possible concussion. Martinez suffered hand and neck injuries. Both were taken to the same emergency room for treatment.

Martinez had attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of Aubry for battery, but the LA police appear to have taken over the matter. Aubry was arrested for misdemeanour battery and bail was set at $20,000. Although the charge was the relatively minor misdemeanour, his arrest and possible conviction will not help Aubry’s custody squabble with Berry.

As he counts his own bruises, Martinez may be wondering what he got himself into. Things were never this tempestuous when he was going out with Kylie Minogue.

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