Hair today, sold tomorrow

Hair from Michael Jackson’s head that was salvaged after the disastrous 1984 filming of a Pepsi advert during which his head was set on fire is to be auctioned this week.

The 12 strands of hair, which were kept by Ralph Cohen, who produced the video, are expected to reach $1600 in the auction at the Edwardian Radisson Hotel near Heathrow Airport on Saturday (17 October).

The prescription drug abuse that eventually killed Jackson was said to have started right after this incident because he couldn’t handle the pain from the burns to his scalp. Meanwhile, slightly disturbing footage of the incident has surfaced on YouTube. If you can stomach watching the King of Pop’s head set on fire, see below.

In other hair-related news, Elvis Presley’s locks are being auctioned the next day in Chicago, and are expected to fetch up to $12,000. A friend of his saved the hair after Elvis joined the army in 1958.

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