Hair (not) apparent

Poor Prince William has become the unwitting recipient of overtures from hair-loss brands, desperate to snap him up in time for the big day, when the eyes of the world will be focussed upon his ever spreading bald patch. One such company, Rogaine, have made a public appeal for Wills to become their spokesman, possibly wearing a suit emblazoned with the Rogaine logo as he proceeds down the aisle.

A cheeky rep for the company told The Mirror, 'We've been watching Prince William's growing bald spot closely for years. We believe Rogaine can help. We'd love to send him our new Unscented Men's Rogaine Foam. William would be the perfect spokesman for Rogaine because whether you're a prince or an average Joe, hereditary hair loss affects one in four men. When he's on the altar and the world is looking at the back of his head, he won't have to worry about the hair that's not there.'

Go for it, Wills. It's either hair loss cream or a toupee, and you don't want to resemble Elton John on the big day, do you now?

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