Gyms don't work..they just make us worse...

Could finally be time to ditch that nasty lycra get up you've been parading about in down the local Fitness First. Because gyms don't actually work.

Research conducted by the University of Ottawa which studied the eating habits of a group of women post intense workout, concluded the more people exercise the more they gobble after - and the porkier they eventually become. Working up an appetite they call it. Leisurely activity on the other hand, like, gasp, walking to work, housework, not driving to the gym etc not only reduced appetite, but helped keep weight off long term.

And looks like ordinary folk have finally figured out that being portly and busting a gut down the gym three times a week doesn't actually shed weight - it just makes you smug..and still a bit fat.

According to Deloitte, gym memberships have fallen for the first time since the Eighties. Sweaty, sterile gyms are being shouldered aside for old fashioned outdoorsy pursuits like a nice game of rounders in the park or a spot of yoga on the lawn. Or any activities mildly more engaging than clumping up and down on a treadmill for hours on end.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Losing weight isn't rocket science. Eat well. Go for a good walk every day - and cut down on alcohol. The exercise industry has been fooling us it's all about power work outs for far too long. Brisk lap round the office anyone?

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