Gwynnie's gran faux pas

Gwyneth Paltrow has worked damn hard in recent months to shift the world's perception of the actress as a blonde automaton with a perfect life and zero personality. Okay, so she's definitely blonde and has a seemingly amazing life, but it looks like there's a naughty sense of humour lurking beneath the macrobiotic and yoga-honed perfection. Gwynnie appeared on 'Chelsea Lately' to promote her new cook-book, and, in a discussion about grandmothers, dropped a big fat c-bomb.

The surprise came after Chelsea had said that her nan was a nasty piece of work, Gwynnie replied, 'Mine was a real c***. She just hated my guts, basically, and she tried to poison my mother against me - but it didn't work because I have a great mother. You look back and you think she must not have been very happy and she must have had a lot of pain because she was as mean as hell.'

Watch below:

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