Gwynnie's full of Glee

Gwyneth Paltrow has received, well, if not quite acclaim, then certainly admiring reviews for her turn as Holly Holiday on Glee, showing that she can jive better than 99.9% of 38 year old mothers. And now Gwynnie is apparenly keen to join her pal Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester in the show, on his worldwide tour.

Morrison recently told The Daily Mail, 'We’re talking about it, it’s just gonna be if our schedules match up. Elton’s really interested and Gwyneth’s interested as well. I’m still in Glee mode right not. We’ll be done in the beginning of May and then we’ll go right into rehearsals.'

Matthew Morrison also refuted claims that he's not a fan of the ladies saying, 'I sing and dance for a living and there is that connotation associated with me. I don’t care, I know the truth. Does it make it difficult to get with women? No. It makes it easier. My time on Broadway was the best. There was a lot of beautiful dancers – and being one of the only straight guys...I kinda had lots of options.'

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