Gwyneth's bee-sting cure

Hollywood’s favourite crank, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been buzzing about her latest discovery in the wild and wacky world of alternative medicine. She has been treating an old injury with injections of bee venom.

Paltrow, possibly the most credulous of the modern generation of celebrities, was very enthusiastic about the results. "I was recently given bee venom therapy for an old injury and it disappeared," she said. "It's a little known therapy practised by apitherapists that has been used for centuries. It's a form of acupuncture where bee venom is injected in select acupuncture points."

Paltrow, whose film career is in such a parlous state that she is in danger of being known as Mrs Chris Martin, rather than the Coldplay warbler being called Mr Paltrow, is no stranger to eccentric remedies.

In the past she has tried "cupping", where heated cups are applied to the skin for vaguely therapeutic reasons, along with a host of other alternative therapies. Her dietary recommendations on her lifestyle website GOOP offer a fascinating insight into the delusional fantasies of Hollywood celebs.

With regard to the latest therapy, what nobody appears to have been asking is where the bee venom comes from. Every kid knows that a bee dies when it stings you, so is Paltrow happily countenancing a mass cull of bees just to ease a few aches and pains? It would not square with her reputation as the sensitive protector of the rights of all living creatures.

Maybe hubby Chris could write a plaintive ballad about the issue and make his wife question her motives. Or not.

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