Guy Ritchie to direct Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie's been out in the wilderness for a long while now - and it's cold out there. But thankfully there's a light shimmering somewhere on the horizon.....and it's the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Warner Bros think Guy is perfect for the job of writing and directing the supersleuth flick. For one, he knows the windy streets of London like the back of his hand, for two he can do a brilliant cockney accent when he needs - (handy for working with local crew members) and for three he loves all things shady underworld. He'll probably also jazz the supersleuth up a bit - give him a gun, get rid of the tweeds and draft in a lady friend (maybe even Madge) - banishing the stuffy Holmes of the past clean out of popular consciousness. The Ritchie - Sherlock incarnation will be based on a modern comic book take of the detective and will hit cinemas in 2010.

Good for Guy - and Madge. She's had enough of him loping round the house with too much time on his hands and not quite enough interest in celebrity adoption or Kabbalah. Is the Ritchie star back on the ascendant? Maybe yes - but only if RocknRolla, (Guy's latest underworld caper) isn't a giant flop when it hits cinemas in September. Which it could well be.

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