Guy Ritchie enjoys being dressed by Madonna

Guy Ritchie has just confirmed something most people in the world already knew - that Madge wears the Y fronts in the Ritchie household.

Not only does Lady Madonna bowl up to Guy's premieres as and when she damn well pleases, she also tells him what to wear. And Guy swallows it.

"'Doesn't every wife? I've been accused of not being vain enough. It's laziness. Wives appreciate it when you make an effort. But there's a point at which you look like you're trying too hard. Overt vanity is unappealing."

Certainly is in the form of the daddish chinos, hunting jackets and tapered jeans Madge often has him go about in. Should Guy start making his own wardrobe decisions, or would his own personal style actually be a lot lot worse?

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