Guess who's back...

Big Brother is back on our screens, and it seems as if nothing has changed. Glamourous bimbos - check. Political types ready for career suicide - check. Formerly famous Americans who are now on their uppers - check. It's all there, though at this point we're really missing George Galloway and his lycra cat-suit. This series of BB certainly doesn't want for C-list glamour with Amy Childs, Tara Reid and er, Kerry Katona in situ for the next two weeks.

Sashaying into the Big Brother house, Amy Childs told BB host Brian Dowling, 'I will 100 per cent bring glamour to the Big Brother House. 'I really am ditzy. I really don't think before I speak.'

While the Speaker's wife, Sally Bercow admitted that her husband was unaware until two days ago that she was going into the house, 'He does know now, he's not exactly chuffed about it. He wasn't very pleased at the time, but he does know what I'm like, we've been married almost nine years and I do my own thing. I don't like it when he tries to get me into order, and the very fact that I'm here shows that he hasn't. Because of who I'm married to it's not acceptable apparently, I hope he doesn't divorce me over it. Because I'm married to the speaker apparently I'm not supposed to do this sort of thing. But I am not my husband. Even if I cock up, my charity gets the money. I want to stick two fingers up to the establishment who think it's the kind of thing I shouldn't do'

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