Guess who's back?

The XFactor judging line-up has been mighty confusing this series, thanks to Dannii's baby and Cheryl's killer infection, and things are set to become even more head scratching, with the return of TV's Cruella, Sharon Osbourne. Sharon will certainly act as an antidote to the blander judges, mainly due to the fact that she has feuded with pretty much everyone on the show, Dannii in particular.

Speaking about her feud with Dannii, Sharon told The Mirror, 'I didn’t enjoy working with her at all and didn’t fancy the prospect of spending six months sitting next to her.'

An XFactor insider said, 'She knows she’s only back briefly and is determined to stir things up and won’t hold back in her comments. She and Louis are going to have a lot of fun and, who knows, maybe she will come down to some of the studio shows which would mean seeing Dannii a lot. Simon Cowell is pleased because he knows she will be good for publicity and ratings.'

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