Guess who's back?

The X Factor audience at yesterday's auditions witnessed a truly historic pop moment. No, Chico didn't return to the stage (he's probably entertaining diners at Pizza Express a la Steve Brookstein), something even more earth shattering than Chico performing 'It's Chico Time' took place. Not guessed yet (despite the fact that the clue is in the title)? Yes, Cheryl is now officially a Tweedy - no more Cole, thank you very much - and the news was broken to cheering X Factor fans.

Simon Cowell announced the news, in his classic faux-understating way saying,'Now who would like to hear from Cheryl...TWEEDY!...It is now, isn't it?' An audience member recounts the momentous occasion, 'The support for her was immense. When Simon announced her as Cheryl Tweedy the whole place went up in unison. Cheryl was beaming. She gave the impression a whole new chapter had just started in her life and she was looking happier than ever. Everyone was whooping and cheering. At one point there were some girls chanting ‘Team Cheryl’.'

Team Tweedy, surely?

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