Guess what? Jordan loves aliens and sex

Here's something you never would have guessed. Jordan is obsessed with aliens and Pete sex. Well not really, she just has to say that to get in the papers, but still it makes for a decent headline doesn't it?

Price told The Sun; “Pete loves UFOs — and I’d love to see one. I never believe anything until I see it with my own eyes but I’m really interested in them and I’m open to the idea. In fact, we’re going to Roswell soon to see where all the UFOs have been spotted over the years.

She also put paid to rumours that they don't bother shagging anymore. “We’re training for the marathon so we’re both really fit and having lots of sex. You can go for ages when you’re really fit!

And just in case you still needed convincing. "I fancy Pete so much at the moment. He’s really in good shape physically and he has got a really ripped body — but I’d fancy him even if he didn’t. He fancies me too."

Jesus wept.

PS - get your lugholes round the goony birds in action. Never gets less funny no matter how many times you see it.

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