'Grow up, stop all this, move on'

Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed was yesterday given 100 hours of community service, but escaped jail after being convicted of assault. Tweed will also have to take part in 60 sessions with a probation officer, having been found guilty of attacking a builder at a pub in Essex. Mark Wright, who has found fame in the The Only Way is Essex was also hauled into the dock, accused of threatening behaviour.

According to The Daily Mail, the judge told Tweed, 'I think you know yourself that this has got to stop. You get yourself in to trouble, you drink, you kick someone. There is an easy way to walk away. Grow up, stop all this, move on.'

During the court hearing, the jury were shown scenes from the attack. The lawyer for the prosecution explained, 'You will see on CCTV having realised the error of his ways he then tries to assist when it is clear that the claimant is in a bad way physically. Jack Tweed runs round the back of the claimant and swings a punch which connects with his head. The claimant staggers backwards for a short while then he falls to the ground. Lewis Tweed is seen to kick the victim in the groin whilst he is on the ground, also he punches the victim in the face.'

This is Jack's third brush with the law, he was jailed in 2008 for attacking an 18 year-old with a golf club, and was sent back to the slammer a year later for an attack on a taxi driver. Perhaps this will teach Jack not to be so handy with his fists...

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