'Grow up and make a sex tape'

Comedian Jamie Foxx has caused a storm in the US after telling Miley Cyrus to 'grow up and make a sex tape,' and to 'catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.'

The (slightly dodgy, but some say, quite amusing) rant at the 16-year-old daughter of line dancer Billy Ray was sparked after they learned how Radiohead had broken her achey-breaky heart at the Grammys. The band refused to meet her backstage, and she promised to 'ruin' their career. While stomping her feet and just.. not... being.... able to believe it. *sniff*

This story was told to Foxx on his radio show 'The Foxx Hole', and he and his crew of flunkies snorted derisively while baiting the pee-wee popster. While Foxx will get the blame for this, it's actually his crew who say the worst things, with one woman with an attitude referring to her as 'that white b***h with the gums' and suggesting that she make a sex tape with 'your daddy'. Classy.

Horrible and bad though it is, you might want to listen, so follow the link in the YouTube clip below or listen to it on The Sun website.

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