Green with anticipation

There are two reasons to be interested in the film Green Zone: the first is that it’s an adaptation of Rajiv Chandrasekran’s excellent book Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green, and the second is that it’s directed by Paul Greengrass and stars Matt Damon (who worked together in the last two Bourne movies). Hopefully they’ll be able to reprise the magic that made those flicks the premier actioners of the last decade; if they do we’ll have a truly wonderful film on our hands. There is a third reason too; there are not one but two trailers currently floating about on YouTube, the first of which is the international trailer, directly below.

The plot? Well from what we can see it’s a fairly basic thriller set against the backdrop of Iraq in 2003. Damon plays a soldier sent to Iraq to uncover weapons of mass destruction only to be faced with a sinister political cover up of epic proportions. Next up is the American trailer, which for some reason is completely different.

From what we can gather it seems to be a awful lot like the Bourne films, even if Damon isn’t quite as kick-arse hard as he was in those. With Greengrass’ record in filmmaking, there’s every chance  this will be an excellent film, possibly the first decent one made about the current invasion. Fingers crossed.

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