Green Day: 'Amy'

The Amy Winehouse tributes keep piling in: We've already had the news that Pete Doherty will be dedicating his performances at Reading and Leeds to the recently deceased singer, and that he'll be covering some of her songs; now American punk/pop-rockers Green Day have recorded a new song in her honour.

Called 'Amy', the song was debuted last week at a tiny gig in California, a show where they played 15 new songs for the first time. It contains some fairly straight forward references to Winehouse in the lyrics: 'Dirty records from another time'; '27 gone without a trace' and 'Did you tattoo a lucky charm', and the band have done more or less nothing to dissuade fans that the song isn't about the north Londoner. Those of you who are interested in hearing the track can do, thanks to the handy tool of embedding YouTube videos – thank us later.

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