Granted a reprieve?

The day that Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant parted ways, was the a dark one for posh-celeb watchers. After all, they were the Bogart and Bacall of the Home Counties, and it was horribly clear that neither would find another partner with sufficient star-wattage. And so it came to pass - Hugh stumbles around the King's Road with anonymous totty, while Liz has been romancing a red-faced cricketer. It's clear they're much better off together. Well, our wishes may come true; Liz has given an interview where she hints that the pair may end up living together, should nothing else come along in the meantime...

Liz told The Mirror, 'If all else fails, we’ll end up living together again like Darby and Joan. We are currently taking cooking, Italian and guitar lessons and argue ferociously over who is more ahead in cooking, slightly less cack-handed at the guitar but grudgingly agree his Italian is a whisper better.'

However, it appears that the Warne fire is still aglow, with Liz admitting, 'I’m still very good friends with Shane.'

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