Grand-dad rock

It's been a good few years since Take That sported leather, and writhed around in whipped cream on stage singing 'Do What You Like' (more's the pity), but it may be a shock to readers that the band are on the cusp of their mid-forties. Blimey. The band discussed the ageing process in an interview, with Howard admitting that he doesn't appreciate his 'elder statesman' status.

Howard grumbled to The Sun that he wasn't pleased to be the oldest member of the man-band, 'I am very sensitive about my age. Gary will make jokes that I'm 46 or 47 and it really p***** me off. I feel like I'm still fit enough to go on, I don't feel my age.'

Mark said he was relieved to er, not be dead 'I'm pleased we have got this far through our lives - almost halfway hopefully, that's quite an achievement.'

While Gary displayed his customary common sense, 'People still find it hard to believe I'm 40. Actually I'm not bothered about age. I'm really happy and it's lovely to be 40, I'd recommend it to anyone. Music is a young person's industry but you want a few of the older bands like us around. We don't have a plan for how long it is going to last.'

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