Grammy winning salsa legend dates er - Chloe Green

And rocketing into the coveted top spot of the ‘Utter Non Story Involving The Romantic Fumblings of One Talented Person and one er – Other One’ comes the not at all riveting news that Marc Anthony is going out with Chloe Green.

The tabloid press who seem to value Anthony more for being married to Jennifer Lopez than for the fact that he is the highest selling tropical salsa artist of all time with 12 million albums and several Grammys to his name gushed the news in traditional voyeuristic style.

As for Chloe Green – daughter of offshore enthusiast and serial tax avoider Philip Green who selflessly diverts billions of pounds to his Monaco registered wife to keep her in handbags, one has to ask – does she even merit a single column inch?

The Daily Mail certainly thinks so – waxing lyrical over her outfit (coincidentally a naked marketing ploy for Top Shop) Details of her outfit were doubtless emailed over along with the pictures from one of the Arcadia (Green’s not at all Arcadian firm) publicists.

‘Shoe designer Chloe, who turns 22 on Saturday, looked relaxed in double denim combo of Topshop jeans, Current Elliott shirt, Victoria Beckham sunglasses and black biker boots from her own CJG collection as she strolled through the theme park holding hands with her new man.’

Green briefly appeared on staggeringly juvenile TV oddity Made in Chelsea where apparently all anyone does is discuss their stultifyingly dull and shallow love lives in the manner of 12 year old American girls having a sleepover.

Anyway – looks like they are together. The Mail (which is basically The Sun for people with a more aspirational net worth) made much of the age difference in its usual prurient manner and much of the fact that she has met his five year old twins.

He has already become a PR rep for Phillip Green though apparently - unbelievably tweeting 'Who ever doesn't know about #Topshop #Topman in LA has to get in on it! Just had the time of my life at The Grove Amazing!'

The time of his life?? Good luck to em.

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