Graham Norton for Radio 2

Now that the dust has settled on Sachsgate and Jonathan Ross has bitten the bullet and decided not to renew his BBC contract, the light has been shone on the gaping gaps he’s left in the schedule and who will be replacing him.

Claudia Winkleman has been named to take over the reigns in August of a much needed format change of Film 2010, and Chris Evans was firmly tipped to take over BBC1’s Friday Night with show. However, now that he’s committed to perching on The One Show sofa on Fridays this is looking seriously unlikely. But Jonathan Ross’s biggest show is easily his Radio 2 Saturday morning gig, matching viewing figures on all his telly work combined.

To date lots of names have been banded about; Harry Hill, David Tennant, and Adam & Joe, but now it looks like Graham Norton is all but confirmed for the slot. The Irish funster is filling in for Chris Evans on the Radio 2 breakfast show next month and it’s been reported by The Mirror that if this goes well then the Saturday job is his - should he want it.

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