Got to Dance 2013: Mini Moves and Rhys Yeomans in the final

Mini Moves and Rhys Yeomans are joining Lukas McFarlane and Tom Hughes-Lloyd in the line-up for the Got to Dance 2013 final on Sky1, scheduled on the 17th March. The two final acts performed live on Sunday, winning over the judges' approval and the public vote.

The second semi-final saw other four acts battling each other for a place in the competition, Momentum, a group of teens combining hip-hop, commercial and contemporary dance moves to theatrical style, Mechanikool, a talented 34-year-old who mix body popping and animation style, Buckness Personified, a pioneer crew specialised in high-energy krumping and The Pulse Collective, an amazing group performing tap infused with hip-hop.

Mini Moves is a group of five delicious girls aged between 10 and 11-year-old that come from Glasgow, Scotland. They impressed the judges from day one with their energetic and extremely bendy routines, as well as with their passion and talent. Although trained in several different dance styles, commercial is their favourite and they get inspiration from Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

The girls were highly praised by the judges all throughout the competition. After Sunday's performance Ashley Banjo said: “What I love about you is that you use your strengths to create a style that’s your own. I’ve never seen anyone like you in four series of this show.” Aston Merrygold also approved their enthusiasm on stage, describing them as fearless and unforgettable.

The other finalist is Rhys, an amazing 14-year-old dancer, who in just four years of training landed the leading role of Billy Elliot in the famous West End musical. Coming from Manchester, where dance is not popular, the talented teenager found it difficult to make it through, but thanks to his mother's support he's now where he is.

Rhys wowed the judges with his emotional routine, receiving three gold stars. Kimberly Wyatt congratulated him saying: “Your technique is exquisite, your turns, leaps, everything is pitch perfect. You can tell you love to dance. It’s so honest to you.” While Ashley added: “Hard work will beat talent every time if the talent doesn’t work hard. But when talented people work hard, it produces people like you. Every line, every shape, every turn, you executed everything so effortlessly. That’s the sign of a special talent, and at 14 years old? Unbelievable.”

We can't wait to see the next two acts that will join Mini Moves, Rhys, Lukas and Tom in the Got to Dance final. The next semi-final will see G-Nome, Hashtap, IMD, Poison, Rory and Wild G in a spectacular dance-off, which will be broadcasted live next Sunday at 6.00pm on Sky1 HD.

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