Got to Dance 2013: Lukas McFarlane and Tom Hughes-Lloyd in the final

Lukas McFarlane and Tom Hughes-Lloyd are the first two acts to be put through to the Got to Dance 2013 final, Sky1 most loved talent show. The two boys were chosen by public vote and they will go head-to-head in a spectacular final dance-off with other two hopefuls, which is scheduled for the 17th March.

The semi-final saw other four acts battling each other for a place in the competition, Molly and Vitaly, two very talented 13-year-old Ballroom and Latin dancers, Dance for Joy, a group formed at Alessendre Special Needs Dance School, Collective Ent, specialised in Commercial Hip-Hop, and Notorious, a crew of teenage girls also performing Commercial Hip-Hop.

Tom, the 'body popper' from Wrexham, North Wales, was the first to perform live, and despite the nerves, he received three gold stars from the judges, who praised his self-thought skills. The 14-year-old has been dancing for almost three years, practicing in his bedroom and learning all his routine from the internet while watching people on YouTube.

Amazingly the young talent has been able to develop his own unique style, as Ashley Banjo proudly described “You’ve been a student and you’ve been your own teacher, ironed out all your own mistakes and problems and refined your skills to the point where you’re better than most adults.” Also Kimberly Wyatt pointed out "We’ve been calling this the series of excellence and you’re the perfect example of why.”

Lukas McFarlane, the 19-year-old Canadian contemporary dancer, went also through to the final, performing a very intense routine, which took the breath away. The talented artist has been dancing for the past 13 years training in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop and many other styles and his ultimate goal is to become a choreographer. He left his country to pursue his dancing dream in the UK.

“I know what it’s like to leave your home, leave your family to go chase your dreams, it’s not easy, it can be lonely, but you’re on the right path. You deserve to be here and your talent is second to none” said ecstatic Kimberly, who added “You’re such an honest performer, you’re so technically perfect. It was just incredible.” Aston Merrygold was also on his feet, while saying: “Perfect example of dance when it’s done at its best. You’re not a dancer, you’re an artist. You understand the stage, the music.”

The winning act of the Got to Dance competition will win an astounding £250,000 prize money. But other participants will also be awarded for their efforts and talent, in fact from the second series it was introduced the ' Got to Dance bursary fund', which is a sum of £15,000. The fund is to be distributed amongst auditionees that were not good enough to progress in the competition, but that the judges felt had potential to develop their dancing skills through professional tuition.

Next Sunday at 6.00 pm on Sky1 HD there will be the second live show, which will see Buckness Personified, Mechanikool, Mini Moves, Momentum, Pulse Collective and Reese dancing for a place in the final.

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