Got to Dance 2013: Godson and Antics in the final

Krumper Godson and street dance crew Antics were the seventh and eighth act voted by the public in the fourth live show of this year's Got to Dance competition. They will join the other six finalists in the last dance-off scheduled for the 17th March 2013 on Sky1 (HD).

The fourth semi-final saw other four acts dancing each other off for a final place in the competition, Amour, a bubbly freestyle disco eight-year-old from Mansfield, Javier and Julie, a dynamic and passionate contemporary duo, Gaana Rajas, a group of friends specialised in the typical South Indian folk speedy dance, and One Step Ahead, six talented girls, who have performed modern dance together since they were children.

We all remember charismatic crew Antics from last year's edition of Got to Dance as they reached the final thanks to their spectacular moves. They skilfully blend hip hop, street style and comedic elements to create tasteful and amazing choreographies. They're latest performance was as entertaining and impressive as fresh and they conquered both the judges and the public.

“As a group you’re so dynamic and clean and clever in the way you structure your performance and choose your music. As individuals you’re so impressive and talented, but as a team you really do raise the bar. I think you have a winning formula and it's an absolute gold for me” said Kimberly Wyatt, while Ashley Banjo dubbed them “The dancing One Direction” and praised the group adding “You’re entertaining, you’ve got comedy, you’ve got tricks, you’ve got slick choreography... it's the full package.”

Godson, real name Theo Oloyade, is just 22 year-old, but his sleek moves has brought him to perform alongside artists such as Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Ms Dynamite and Mz Bratt. The confident krumper has won the public over with a terrific performance in which he showed his master-class style and his chiselled body.

Kimberly was left blushing after the fit performer ripped his shirt off, while Aston Merrygold commented "The rawness and the entertainment value are second to none. But I'm not being funny, I'm meant to have the six-pack on the show, so unless you put your shirt back on I won't give you a gold." Ashley was so impressed that asked the public to vote for the act We haven't got krump represented in the final yet, but if anyone is going to do it, it should be you. Britain and Ireland, I rarely ask people to vote, but please vote for Godson.”

The judges were not so impressed with female group One Step Ahead, who received three red stars, and had a disagreement over Group Gaana Rajas, which Kimberly found not as explosive and dynamic as the other acts. Three gold stars were awarded to the gorgeous Amour for her fantastic routine, while duo Julie and Javier lacked of the wow factor.

Former Got to Dance winners and contestants Akai, Boadicea, Methods of Movement and Unity UK also performed in yesterday's show. The next semi-final will be broadcasted live next Sunday at 6.00pm on Sky1 (HD).

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